Guide to Video Marketing Content

The power and importance of a video marketing strategy is not open for debate. A company that has an effective strategy will dominate those that don’t. Landing pages with videos can receive up to 80% more conversions than pages that don’t have one. Just promising a video can get more visitors and 90% of customers say that videos help them make purchasing decisions.

Video marketing is no longer an option for your business – it is a requirement. Ignoring the power of video in promoting your brand could doom your efforts right from the start. Video used to just be an awareness play for big brands, but now it’s an essential part of marketing plans.

Videos build trust

An effective video marketing strategy is about more than just making a commercial for your business. Companies that use video effectively use it as a tool to engage with and connect with their customers. Social trust is one of the most important factors in a world where people are bombarded by ads every minute, and educational product demos can help build that trust.
The 21st century customer doesn’t want to buy from a faceless company. They are looking for a company that uses video marketing as a social tool, a way to engage with and respond to their customers. Not only can video deliver information much faster than print, it can also help customers put a face with the brand, making the transaction less anonymous and less risky by extension.

Videos position you as an authority

Videos that demonstrate the use of your product or provide information on how your service will provide real-world, measurable benefits are the best way to gain trust from potential clients. These types of videos in your marketing strategy demonstrate that you not only understand your product but the needs of the customer as well. Videos that educate are a great way to not just reach customers but to also position your brand as an authority on the subject.

Videos make sales

Videos get attention. Effective videos can hold a viewers attention for far longer than even a well-designed landing page. That time of pure focus and engagement is your best chance to make the sale and gain social trust. Don’t let sales slips out of your hands; start using a video marketing strategy as soon as possible. Your competitors already are.